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What is a Sheep Drench?

Sheep drenching is a common term used by farmers and veterinarians. It is the practice of treating and protecting sheep and livestock from worms and parasites. A sheep drench is a de-wormer that ensures the animal is kept healthy and welfare is maintained. There are many different parasites that sheep can be infected with; the common four are the black scour worm, brown stomach worm, barber's pole worm and liver fluke.  Without a sheep drench, parasitic diseases can spread, reproductive rates decrease and wool production is reduced. The overall effect can be devastating to a farms productivity and can evidently lead to financial loss.

Our Sheep Drench Products

At The Farm Co we are experienced animal health professionals. Our broad range of Sheep Drench products can help prevent and treat your parasite problem. Some of our brands include Novartis, Jurox, Bayer, and Merial sheep drench. When you provide your sheep with sheep drench, you must ensure the sheep have good nutrition. Poor nutrition can have an effect on your deworming. If you are unsure of what brand to choose or need more information on sheep drench, speak to a member of our team 1300 327 626. At The Farm Co we have been supporting our local farmers and farmers throughout Australia for many years. Our high level of commitment to our customers and vast knowledge of the farming industry means that we are Australia's most trusted farming equipment company.

For sales and advice Call 1300 327 626

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