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Summer Spraying Tactics

Written on the 23 February 2016 by David Stead

Feb 2016| Top Three Things to Consider..
  1. Summer Weed (Mis)Management

in the good old bad days, when Garlon was dear as poison, we used it only VERY sparingly, and ONLY WHEN ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED!! To this end, Ester does the camels work on melons, and triclopyr is very handy at breaking vines down quicker than ester stand alone. We have some time up our sleeves currently, so if triclopyr is short, save it for the paddocks that you are contemplating putting in FIRST, and use that 28days pre seeding...the plantback os for the ESTER component though!!!

  1. Volunteer Cereals
Growers should be working to kill of volunteer cereals as well, as this is providing a nursery for insect and fungal diseases. Volunteer canola + radish MUST BE DEAD for 6 weeks prior to seeding canola or you will be asking for Green Peach Aphid issues!!
  1. Insects

Growers need to BE AWARE of insects - PLENTY of webworm and cutworm moths around, and lotsa babies when you get down low!! Rutherglen Bug too...

Author:David Stead

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