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Livestock Tips for Spring

Posted by Amanda Walker on 1 October 2018
Livestock Tips for Spring

With Spring underway, here are some issues to consider when planning your livestock management plans this month.

  • To save yourselves the expense of purchasing tag applicators and earmarking pliers always make sure that you purchase calves that are already earmarked or branded. They must already have an NLIS device in their ear. To find out more about your NLIS requirements head to the website here

  • Consider what facilities you have for the long term handling of cattle (for marking, vet treatments, loading, unloading, etc.) before purchasing. For more information see this handy article from DAFWA:  'First-time cattle ownership for the small landholder'.

  • You need secure handling yards but it may be possible to hire or borrow a crush. 

  • Now is the time to also consider upgrading your bulls or rams to improve your genetics for growth muscle or confirmation. Check out this handy guide on bull choice from our friends over at Farmstyle.

  • With the selling season starting late September, check your rural newspapers for advertisements if you are looking at buying livestock.

  • Ensure that sheep and cattle vaccinations are up to date before spring. Consult your private veterinarian for details.

  • Plan blow fly control for spring now: this will involve shearing, crutching, worm control and jetting. some great decision tools for fly and lice management include WormBoss and LiceBoss - check them out!

Further information is available by searching for 'NLIS cattle' on the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia or MLA websites.


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Author:Amanda Walker
Tags:The FARM CoAnimal HealthCattleCattle ProductsSheepSmall Farm Management

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