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Our Top Ten 'Essentials' for Your Small Farm

Posted by Chanel Duggan on 19 October 2016
Our Top Ten 'Essentials' for Your Small Farm

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced landholder, all farmers need their gear to be tough, durable and ready for just about anything. As everyone knows on a farm some things just don't go to plan, so here is a list of things that can help you get through a hard day's work on your small farm or property.

1. Under Tray Ute Tank 23Lt

No matter what you do as a farmer your hands will be dirty that's the main thing about farming, the hard yakka. When you are in the middle of a paddock dealing with chemical and your Sammy's are ready to eat (but you don't want to poison yourself) have a 

Under Tray Ute Tank 23Lt ready to go. Easy to install and pretty essential when you don't want your Sammy's soggy 

  • Suits uses on ute, truck, tractor or anywhere you need water/ soap.
  • Designed to fit a variety of vehicles
  • Long lasting tough UV stabilized polyethylene
  • Food grade plastic
  • Easy installation
  • Available in black or grey



2. Steel blue boots zip up Black/wheat

Every time you stub your toe it may pay to think of steel blue and the fact that the steel cap of the Steel Blue Argyle Zip boot could have prevented the French words now coming from your mouth. They are suitable for workshop and farm (where accidents are inevitable) to protect your little pigs from bodily harm.

  • Reduction of shock forces to the feet, knees, hips and lower back (similar to the feeling of wearing sports shoes).
  • Improved flexibility of the sole.
  • A feeling of wearing lightweight footwear.
  • 150mm derby style lace-up, zip sided ankle boot with padded collar and tongue.
  • 200J Safety Steel Toecap, Zip Sided Release



3. Safeguard Cargo Net

Occy straps are out and cargo nets are in. It is now law to have your loads properly restrained and what easier way than with Safeguard Cargo Nets. Nothing can blow out or off when using these and they are specifically designed to be hardy and perfect for the farm. Who wants one of those hefty fines when these easy to use nets are available?!

  • Multiple eyelet anchor points
  • Anti-tangle design
    • Triple layered reinforced edge
    • Heavy-duty mesh rip-stop fabric
    • Heavy-duty UV stabilised webbing
    • Coated hook prevents scratching
    • Complete with straps and carry bag




    4. Warratah Gripple plus Starter pack

    The last thing you need is wasted time on fencing woes. Whether or not you're building or just fixing a fence, time is always of the essence. A quick and easy solution for joining wires is with gripple's. An even easier solution is the Warratah Gripple Plus starter pack designed specifically for the hobby or large farmer when fencing. Easy to use and handy to have, it's every farmers Must-have item.

    • Contains 1 x Gripple Plus tensioning tool and 50 x Medium Gripple Plus wire joiners
    • Gripple Plus tensioning tool includes integrated adjustable torque setting on the handle
    • Once the pre-set wire tension is reached the tool dis-engages to 
    • Save 25% by buying the combination pack




    5. Selecta WeedRak/Quadbike 12V Sprayer | 50Lt

    Those pesky weeds, they pop up EVERY year. They just don't get that they are not welcome. So when you want to do a quick lap around on the quad, a Selecta WeedRak/Quadbike 12V Sprayer | 50Lt is essential to taming those weeds! Pop him on the quad, fill him up and make hard work easy in a short time!

    • High quality and reliable 5.3L/min Shurflo 12volt pump
    • Spotjet spray gun with stainless steel lance and TeeJet adjustable nozzle
    • Hold down straps to secure to vehicle
    • UV stablised Polytuff tanks
    • 6 metres of 8mm ID high quality delivery hose
    • 3 metre wiring loom for connection to 12volt DC power
    • Antispill barrier around lid to protect rider




    6. Macnaught K29 Grease Gun

    For the grease monkey's on the farm, a handy Macnaught K29 450g Flexigun for all your greasing needs. When your machinery needs a check-up and a tune up, get your grease gun out and get to work.

    • Delivery pressure up to 68,900kPa (10,000psi)
    • 230mm flexible extension
    • KY SUPERGRIP coupler



    7. Gallagher Wireless Water Monitor

    Water is essential to farming survival. You can now keep track of water input and output and how much you have with a Gallagher Wireless Water Monitoring One Tank System- Desktop set to improve your water manageability. Set it up in your home for convenient access, then check your water without having to move a muscle.

    • Shows the tank information at a glance
    • Up to nine Tank Units can be monitored via one Display Unit
    • Transmits the data measured by the sensor to the Display Unit
    • UV resistant marine grade plastic for durability in farming conditions
    • Measures liquid level in the tank
    • Automatic calibration




    8. Nemtek Agri 5 solar with internal battery

    Nemtek agri 5 Solar Energiser with internal battery

    The Nemtek 5 km solar energizer comes with an internal battery which has a two year factory warranty.

    • Robust solar bracket and weather-resistant housing

    • On/off TAG to switch the energizer on and off

    • Battery charge state indicator

    • Solar panel charge state indicator

    • Deep sleep mode for battery safe mode storage

    • Day/night sensor

    • Star picket mounting

    • Lightning protection

    An awesome addition to your property asset range that will perform and last the distance.  


    9. Silvan Selecta 100ltr Diesel power unit 40l/min

    Essential to all vehicle movement on your property, having a handy mobile Silvan Selecta 100ltr Diesel power unit 40l/min to keep you going is what every farmer needs. It's 

    always handy to have a back up!

    • 12 volt Diesel Power self-priming
      • 40 L/min open flow
      • High quality auto shut-off trigger
      • 4 m of ¾" delivery hose with swivel and crimped fittings
      • Suction foot screen filter on internal suction line
      • Safety bottom fill drop tube
      • Features a baffled tank to reduce surge when travelling



      10. Gallagher Maun Fencing Pliers 

      Every farmer knows that in their car they'll have a pair of pliers. How can so many uses come from something so little? Well these Gallagher Maun fencing pliers are exactly what you need to be in your Ute. Sturdy and easy to spot, these will always have a place on your farm, in your Ute, or in back pocket.


      • 20cm (8") side cutting pliers
      • Insulated plastic covered handle
      • Cuts high tensile wire
      • Parallel jaws
      • Minimum wire damage



      So there you have it - our top ten essentials for your small farm or property!


      Happy Farming!


      Author:Chanel Duggan
      About: Locally grown in the wheatbelt, Agricultural school graduate and currently working within the agricultural industry.
      Tags:The FARM CoFarming ToolsGeneral FarmSmall Farm Supplies

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