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Small Quantities for Small Flocks

Posted by Amanda Walker on 8 March 2017
Small Quantities for Small Flocks

Even if you have just a few sheep, you need to drench to keep them in the best health. But there's no need to buy commercial quantities!

Our best selling drench products come in smaller quantities from 1lt to 5lt, so you can get the right amount to treat your smaller flock.

Not sure when to drench or what to choose?

Our friendly team is on hand - just call 1300 327 626 for animal care advice.



Zolvix 1lt Oral Sheep Drench

Oral broad spectrum anthelmintic for the treatment of gastrointestinal roundworms in sheep: A ready-to-use, low-volume oral drench.
  Novartis Zolvix 1Lt

AUD $ 259.00

Ready-to-use, low-volume oral drench.

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Jurox Q Drench 5lt

Nutritional package ideal for all animals including horses, sheep, beef, dairy, alpacas, llamas, pigs, ostriches, deer and poultry.
  Jurox Q-Drench 5Lt

AUD $ 330.00

Unique 4 way anthelmintic for use in sheep.

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Merial Triguard 5lt

For the control and treatment of internal parasites of sheep including those with parasite resistance, with an added selenium and cobalt supplement.
  Merial Triguard Triple Combination Drench For Sheep 5Lt

AUD $ 279.00

For the control and treatment of internal parasites of sheep

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Avomec Duel Sheep Drench 5lt

A dual combination antiparasitic sheep drench containing abamectin and closantel to treat roundworms, nasal bot, itch mite and liver fluke.
  Merial Avomec Duel Sheep 5Lt

AUD $ 260.00

dual combination antiparasitic drench containing abamectin and closantel

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Amanda WalkerAuthor:Amanda Walker
About: Amanda Walker is the Director of The Farm Co and Yerecoin Traders. Amanda has extensive experience in animal health, working for a number of years with the Institute for Animal Health in the UK. Amanda also worked for a UK government response team during the Foot and Mouth outbreak back in in 2001. Amanda has a keen interest in sheep and livestock health, working with her local grower to help manage their parasite control throughout the seasons.
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Tags:Animal HealthGeneral FarmSmall Farm Management

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