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The top 10 articles on The Farm Co Blog in 2016

Posted by Chanel Duggan on 2 January 2017
The top 10 articles on The Farm Co Blog in 2016

If you haven't kept up to date with The Farm Co's blogs and articles - don't worry, we've done the hard work for you! Here are the top ten most read articles from our blog this year. 

10. Fruit Fly Control for Small Farms

Fruit can be a hobby or a lifestyle either way nothing is better than growing fresh fruit ripe for the picking. Worst of all is the pests that comes along with it.

Create a good management system and be on the look out for signs of infectioin with tips from this handy article.

Fruit flies are a big problem in a small package. In Australia, there are thought to be around 60 species of fruit flies that can ruin your crops. The problem is so great for orchardists that a National Fruit Fly Council was established in 2015 to look at a nationwide solution to the problem.


9. Summer Drenching

In this blog there are some handy tips and reasons for Summer drenching success.

Summer drenching sets a benchmark for drenching in winter. It is best to determine your summer drenching regime early and be aware that resistance to frequently used drenches could be an issue for sheep producers.



8. Soil Testing: 7 Steps to Success

Making your life easier this blog descirbes a simple seven step list to testing your soil for better managability.

There is more to soil testing than analysing the soil's nutrient status. The process incorporates the sampling procedure, soil analysis and interpretation of the results leading to a sound recommendation.


7. Summer Water Management

Water is essential to farming in all aspects and needs to be managed according to each individual small farm

In parts of Australia, we're already experiencing the start of the long, hot days of summer.  In the southern half of the country, summer can mean long periods without rain.

This season, paying attention to water management on your small farm becomes critical.


6. Fencing for Beginners

This blog not only discusses why fencing is imprtant but has soem handy hints that can help with the construction and materials needed for an ideal fence.

Straying stock are not only a danger to themselves and passing motorists but also a sure-fire way to get the neighbours offside.

Luckily, smart investment in the right fencing material and a little fencing know-how can go a long way to managing both four and two-legged creatures!


5.Top Ten Must-Haves for Your Small Farm

Wether it's a gift for someone or just a 'must-have' you need on your farm, this guide shows what you need for your small farm.

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced landholder, all farmers need their gear to be tough, durable and ready for just about anything.

As everyone knows on a farm some things just don't go to plan, so here is a list of things that can help you get through a hard day's work on your small farm or property.


4. Turbocharge Your Windmills This Summer!

Check up that all your machinery and equipment are in top notch working order during the quiter months in farming. This includes a check up on your windmill which can sometimes get neglected.

Summer is well and truly here and for many of us, hot and dry days are what we will face for the next 3 to 4 months!!

Windmills are an essential part of farm water systems, so why not give them a bit of a health check before they really start working hard?


3. ATV Spot Spraying? You need this...

This handy Silvan Spotpack sprayer is still one of our best sellers and can still do the job at it's best.

Silvan Selecta spokesman Greg Everett says "The Selecta 55 litre Redline Spotpak is the ideal complement for small holdings, hobby farm, grounds maintenance or similar needs to spray for weed control, vegetation management and other regular tasks".

Ideal for everyone!


2. Water Monitoring | Why it Pays To Go Wireless

Summer brings the need for efficient water management for your animals. In this article the new wireless water monitoring system is discussed and how it can be beneficial to your small farm

An effective water monitoring system enables anyone on the farm to see quickly and clearly how much water is on hand. Agricultural specialists Gallagher , are bringing innovation to rural properties all over Australia with their Wireless Water Monitoring System.


1. The 5 Biggest Mistakes Farmers Make When Tackling Buffalo Fly in Cattle

In this article there are 5 key mistakes to avoid when planning your Buffalo Fly assault for the year.

"Now that you know what NOT to do you're ready to take-on an integrated pest management approach for Buffalo Fly on your property that will be effective now and in the seasons to come."

If you're a Cattle producer anywhere across northern Australia you are bound to be seasoned battler when it comes to managing the annual burden of Buffalo fly.


Author: Chanel Duggan
About: Locally grown in the wheatbelt, Agricultural school graduate and currently working within the agricultural industry.
Tags: The FARM Co General Farm Small Farm Management Small Farm Supplies

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