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Water Monitoring: Why it Pays To Go Wireless

Posted by Amanda Walker on 22 October 2018
Water Monitoring: Why it Pays To Go Wireless

Water Monitoring: Why it Pays To Go Wireless

An effective water monitoring system enables anyone on the farm to see quickly and clearly how much water is on hand. Agricultural specialists Gallagher, are bringing innovation to rural properties all over Australia with their Wireless Water Monitoring System

  • Traditional Water Tank Monitoring

Traditional manual systems involve a simple water float with a stainless steel shaft attached and a high visibility top that can be seen from a distance. These products are economical and effective at a basic level, if the visible 'ball' is high the tank is full if its level with the top of the tank the tank is empty and could be cause for concern.

The downside is that this requires regular manual checking, is imprecise, and can only be seen from a relatively short distance. It does not provide any peace of mind that rates of demand are matching the supply on hand.  Leakage or overflow issues risk going unnoticed until they become a major problem. And short of keeping a notebook there is no way of tracking the supply vs usage over time.



  • Automate and save time

An alternative automated option is the Gallagher Wireless Water Monitoring System. Designed to address the shortcomings of the manual option this system provides complete confidence showing exactly what the water storage status is at any one time. The small touchscreen monitor is placed in a central location at home or in the farm office for example, and remotely monitors the different tank units that have been installed around the farm.

In addition it provides a quick view last 30 day usage chart so the supply vs demand pattern can be observed. If it's dropping off dramatically farmers can plan ahead for water supply requirements rather than be caught short. Abnormal usage such as in the case of a leak will be highly visible and unmissable on the display screen in most cases enabling issues to be dealt with before they cause any stock water outage problems.

The system is also capable of hooking up to the water pump so that it can automatically turn the pump on and off to refill tanks based on preset level triggers (this is our favourite feature - no more early morning pump runs in our PJ's...!!!)

Since Gallagher's main purpose in life is to make the hard job of farming more straight forward, solutions like these fit well alongside our pasture grazing and weighing/tracking systems to keep redefining the farming system for improved profitability and animal welfare.



  • Easy to Set Up

Gallagher's Wireless Water Monitoring Systems allow you to monitor water levels from the comfort of your own home, plus easily activate your pump to top up water as required.

  • Simply purchase and install the relevant system components for your farm.

  • Once set-up, crucial information about water levels will be transmitted to a monitor in your office or home, displaying how much water is in each unit and how long it will last.

  • The system is easy to install and operate, saving you the time, money and diesel involved in checking troughs on a regular basis.  Imagine all those extra sleep-ins!

When you buy through The Farm Co, you'll know that you get the best prices on quality brands. 


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Check out our prices on Gallagher's Wireless Water Monitoring System components and spare parts and accessories or call us for more information on 1300 327 626


Amanda WalkerAuthor:Amanda Walker
About: Amanda Walker is the Director of The Farm Co and Yerecoin Traders. Amanda has extensive experience in animal health, working for a number of years with the Institute for Animal Health in the UK. Amanda also worked for a UK government response team during the Foot and Mouth outbreak back in in 2001. Amanda has a keen interest in sheep and livestock health, working with her local grower to help manage their parasite control throughout the seasons.
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