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Weed Control | take aim and ensure you hit the target

Posted by Amanda Walker on 24 June 2016
Weed Control | take aim and ensure you hit the target

Every weed management plan should aim to achieve:

  • 100 % efficacy in the control of target weeds,

  • prevention of seed set

  • inclusion of an appropriate resistant management strategy. 

At the same time is important to aim at zero to minimal damage of non-target organisms and the wider environment including air, water and soil, and zero harm to spray operators.

Sounds complicated doesnt it? But do not fear - these goals are achievable.

The first step is proper weed identification. Some useful tools include: 

Secondly Integrated Weed Management (IWM) techniques should be considered whenever possible. Check out the WeedSmart website for tools and resources to support IWM.

When planning any weed control strategy, setting goals is the first step. But implementing a strategy to achieve your goals may prove tricky.   Here's a handy Integrated Weed Management (IWM) 'how to', brought to you by Chemcert.

Finally, make sure you have the equipment you need before commencing your spray operations.

For spot spraying, (spraying individual weeds) a knapsack sprayer is adequate. However, if you need to spray woody weeds or vines, such as blackberries or lantana, a powered wand is required. A knapsack is incapable of putting out the volumes necessary to wet big blackberry bushes, for example.

Small boom sprays mounted on ATVs or tractor three-point-linkages (3PL) usually have the option of a hand gun running off the pump.

To spray weeds spread throughout a pasture, the usual equipment is:

  •     a small boom spray mounted on the back of an ATV

  •     tanks attached to the front and/or rear carry racks

  •     a small diaphragm pump running off the battery or a small 3PL boom on a utility tractor

  •     the pump powered by the tractor's power take-off (PTO).

So there you go - that is the groundwork needed to kick start your weed management plan. For further information check out your local ag-department or local council office websites. Happy spraying!!

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Author:Amanda Walker
Tags:The FARM Co12Volt SprayersIntegrated Pest ManagementSilvan SelectaSpraying EquipmentSpray Tips

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