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Weed Control for Small Landholders

Posted by Amanda Walker on 18 June 2015
Weed Control for Small Landholders

It's essential for weeds to be managed and minimised through effective control measures, not only for your own property, but to stop the spread of invasive and unwanted plants in the wider area.

Each district in Australia has a list of declared species, which pose a threat to the local environment, and must be treated by landholders. Your local council, NRM / CMA board or state government department for agriculture is a great resource for finding out which weeds need to be controlled, and they may offer advice on control methods.

It's important to be able to easily identify weeds so you can implement a management plan. Again, your local authorities should be able to suggest a strategy for controlling specific weeds. Control weeds as soon as you see them emerging - the quicker you get to them, the more successful you'll be in managing them.  Leaving weeds, even for a couple of days, can result in more money and time spent to get them under wraps.

The key to managing weeds:

  • Know the common weeds in your area and how to identify them

  • Develop a management plan of attack to control them

  • Have the applicable chemicals and equipment on hand to spray weeds

  • Keep up with spray technology - it develops all the time and the newer gear is more efficient in fighting invasive species.


Some great resources for information on weed management:


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Author: Amanda Walker
Tags: The FARM Co 12Volt Sprayers Integrated Pest Management Silvan Selecta Spraying Equipment Spraying Nozzles Spray Tips

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