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What is an Electric Fence Energiser?

An electric fence energiser is the central device which manages and powers the electrical current that travels through the fencing wire.  An electric fence energiser allows the user to efficiently manage energy usage. When an animal comes into contact with an electric fence, the energiser releases the pulse which travels through the wire and enters the animal's body. The shock that streams through the animals body is then through the ground and back to the energiser. Without an electric fence energiser the electric fence concept would not work.

The different types of Electric Fence Energisers

A mains powered electric fence energiser is a cost effective energiser which is powered by a general electrical source. The different models available have features that others do not. For example, the Gallagher i series has a complete monitoring and fault finding system.
In Australia we experience our fair share of good weather and sunlight, so why not take advantage of it as a money saving tool? A solar powered energiser is made with innovative solar panels. The solar panels convert the energy from the sun to power for the device battery. This cost effective method is an excellent choice for those with limited access to mains power.

The Farm Co have been in business for over thirteen years. Throughout that time we have supplied farms across Australia with quality agricultural equipment. Our range of digital, portable and solar panel powered electric fence energisers are available to purchase online for your convenience. If you require more information, our experienced staff can offer quality advice and are available to answer any questions you may have. Speak to one of our electric fence energiser specialists today on 1300 327 626.

For sales and advice Call 1300 327 626

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