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How does an Electric Fence work?

Electric fencing is mostly used in agricultural areas to prevent farm animals or livestock from leaving a property. There are different types of electric fencing and as technology has advanced, so has the safety of the fence. A pulse is converted from an electric fence energiser and travels through the fence line. The high voltage pulse creates a 'shock' which is felt by the animal upon contact with the fence. Once the animal has come into contact with the fence it experiences an electrical shock which is caused by the current travelling through the animal's body. The animal experiences muscle contraction and mild discomfort. The animal is then deterred as it associates the discomfort with touching the fence. The electric fence is a psychological barrier which isn't aimed to harm the animal but instead is a preventative measure to stop the animal from touching the fence in the future.

The many benefits of Electric Fencing

Electric fencing has been used by farmers for many years. Over these years the technology and science behind the fence has advanced. In present times the electric fence is a safer alternative to barbed wire as it does not cut or damage the animal in anyway, this can save you money on costly veterinary bills. The discomfort felt by the animal does not last long and doesn't threaten the life of your livestock. Other fences can be damaged by animals trying to pass through them. However, electric fences are durable as they don't receive physical pressure from the animal. The fencing system works to keep unwanted visitors like foxes, vermin and other animals from entering your property. Electric fencing is affordable and is easier to construct than other fences as the materials are lighter.

Electric Fencing Supplies

Installing an electric fence does not require much time or know-how. With the right electric fence supplies and a bit of elbow grease, you can protect and control your livestock. The Farm Co has a broad range of electric fence supplies including portable electric fencing available to purchase. If you are unsure of what you need or want more information about our electric fence supplies, you can speak to one of our livestock control specialists. Call us today on 1300 327 626.

For sales and advice Call 1300 327 626

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