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Farm Fencing using an Electric Fence

Having strong fencing is crucial for farm owners who want to ensure the safe keeping of their livestock and property. Regular fences such as posts, barbed wire and rail fencing can provide minimal protection and can be costly to replace once damaged. An electric fence is an efficient tool to keep your animals from leaving the property. It ensures that unwanted visitors cannot attack your livestock and devastate farm production. The electric fence is an agricultural tool used by farms all over Australia. The mechanics behind the fence have advanced over many years and modern electric fence technology has made the fence safer to use. The fence acts as a psychological barrier for animals. Once an animal comes into contact with an electric fence, it receives an electric shock. The shock is not harmful to the animal in any way. The animal experiences muscle contractions from the shock. Once the animal has felt this unpleasant sensation it quickly distinguishes that the fence is a no go zone.

Farm Fencing Supplies

To build your electric fence you need the right equipment. Our passion is to provide our customers with high quality, durable and affordable farm fencing supplies. Whether you are building your first electric fence or want to improve your existing one, The Farm Co can help. Earthing equipment and fence constructing tools are available to purchase through us. The maintenance of your electric fence can be up held proficiently with our fence testers and farm fencing supplies. Our range of lightning diverters and cut out switches can protect your fence against lightning damage. Because we are passionate about high quality products, you can be assured that our farm fencing supplies will last and provide the protection you require. If you require more information about farm fencing supplies, call us today on 1300 327 626 and speak to an experienced professional.

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