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The Benefits of Having a Portable Electric Fence

Electric fencing is designed to prevent livestock from leaving a property. When an animal comes into contact with the portable electric fence, it delivers a pulse of electricity through the animal, also known as a 'shock'. As the electric shock passes through the animals body it causes the muscles to contract. The animal quickly associates the unpleasant feeling with the fence and remembers not to touch the electric fence again. The fence creates a psychological barrier but is not made to physically harm the animal in anyway. The portable electric fence also prevents unwanted visitors like foxes or vermin from entering the property. A portable electric fence can be placed anywhere you need it and can be easily moved or removed if applicable. Many farmers experience soil erosion which can have devastating effects on the overall productivity of a farm. However, a portable electric fence can provide farmers with more control over paddocks and can prevent the overgrazing of areas that are suffering soil erosion. The portable electric fence can provide protection to an animal that is recovering from an injury or operation. The portable electric fence is a practical and cost effective method available to help farmers run their farms efficiently.

Purchasing your Portable Electric Fence

When choosing to build a portable electric fence for your property, it is important that the products you use are of high quality. The insulators, fencing posts and tapes/braids from The Farm Co are durable and effective in containing livestock. Our experience with portable electric fencing makes us a reliable source to answer any questions you may have. Do you need a portable electric fence to protect and contain your animals? Call us today on 1300 327 626.

For sales and advice Call 1300 327 626

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