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Sheep Shearing

Sheep shearing is the skilled procedure of removing the wool fleece from the sheep. Sheep shearing should be performed once or twice a year depending on the type of sheep and length of the wool. The shearing is carried out using specialised shearing equipment and is usually performed by an experienced shearer. Advances in technology have seen manual shearing with hand scissors nearly abolished. The electric shears have been the greatest advance in technology for farmers. The comb, cutters and hand piece are the three parts which make an electric shear. Depending on the type of shears you may have the motor in the hand piece or a separate electric motor nearby. Smaller farms or those who do not have access to shears themselves sometimes outsource professional shearers to attend to their flocks. It is very important that the shearing be carried out by a skilled professional as if it is not performed properly it can be stressful to the sheep and could cause injury to both the sheep and the shearer. Over the years sheep shearing has become a sport and records have been set for the fastest sheep sheared and the largest amount of sheep sheared in the shortest amount of time.

Shearing supplies

Sheep shearing is a skill that uses specialised equipment to safely and accurately remove the wool from the sheep. When shearing your sheep it is important to have the correct sheep shearing supplies to ensure the safety of the animal and yourself. With low quality, dull cutters you could risk injury and lose farm productivity. High quality shearing supplies can be obtained through The Farm Co. Our broad range of shearing supplies are made with high quality materials and with a variety of genuine brands, we know your shearing can be carried out smoothly. At The Farm Co we know all there is to know about sheep shearing supplies and equipment. Our team can offer quality advice and are available to answer any questions you may have regarding brands and sizing, call us today on 1300 327 626.

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