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Home > Animal & Livestock Care > Bayer Quickbayt 2kg

Bayer Quickbayt 2kg

Ready to use bait granules containing the attractant muscalure and BITREX for the control of house flies.
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Bayer QuickBayt 

The unique sugar based fly bait that lures house flies away from nuisance areas and kills them fast - in less than one minute after contact for up to 4 weeks! When a protein source is added to the sugar based QuickBayt it then becomes equally effective against bush flies. QuickBayt can be scattered, painted onto fly resting surfaces or used in FlySentry bait stations. It's a non-scheduled poison with added Bitrex (a foul tasting animal deterrent) so it's safer around families and pets.

  • Non-spray and non-airborne means only flies are treated

  • Fewer flies faster means less feed spoilage and stock irritation

  • Irresistible ingredient lures flies away from problem areas

  • Non-scheduled poison with added deterrent to protect pets

Active Constituent: Imidacloprid 5g/kg, (Z)-9-Tricosene 1.0g/kg

Dose Rate: Bait station, scatter or paint (50g per 37.5ml water)

Coverage: 2g/m2

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