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Bayer Selovin LA 500mL

Selovin LA is for the treatment and prevention of Selenium deficiency in cattle and sheep.
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Bayer Selovin LA 500mL

Now Registered for use in Sheep

Selovin LA is for the treatment and prevention of Selenium deficiency in cattle and sheep. Selovin LA contains Barium selenate, which slowly releases selenium into the body after injecting under the skin.

Selovin LA works to elevate selenium blood and tissue levels in deficient states.

Selenium is a trace element that is vital for normal metabolism; it is an essential antioxidant which prevents and repairs cell damage and is a key component of proteins essential for muscle function, immune system and synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Selenium is necessary for growth and fertility.

If deficient in Selenium, cattle and sheep can suffer from poor growth rates, reduced production, lower fertility and poor immunity.

Young stock deficient in Selenium are also susceptible to White Muscle Disease (WMD), a condition affecting the skeletal and heart muscle, causing lameness and death from heart failure.

Active Constituents Selenium (as Barium selenate) 50mg/mL

Active Constituents
  • Selenium (as Barium selenate) 50mg/mL

Product Benefits of Selovin LA

  • Protects against selenium deficiency in cattle for up to 12 months and in sheep for up to 18 months

  • Ensures adequate selenium levels to maintain fertility, immunity and prevent production losses associated with selenium deficiency

  • Cost effective management of selenium deficiency

  • Convenient and safer form of selenium supplement due to the slow release of selenium following administration

  • No withhold periods

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Dose Rate for Selovin LA 

Administer by subcutaneous injection high on the neck behind the ear. Take care to inject Selovin LA under the skin to avoid carcase damage.

  • Cattle: 1mL/50kg bodyweight

  • Lambs: 0.5mL at weaning

  • Adult sheep: 1mL

Active Constituents

Selenium 50mg/ml (as Barium Selenate)

Physical Characteristics
A clear, sterile, colourless, practically odourless, liquid for injection

Pack Size
500mL Flexipack

Selovin LA Downloads:


  • 2 June 20185.0 An easy to use product that boosted our sheep's health last spring. The dose rate was easy to work with and the simple injection behind the ear wasn’t too difficult to master.

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