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Clik Spray On 5Lt

A ready-to-use spray-on formulation for the prevention of Blow Fly Strike in sheep.
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Novartis Clik 5Lt

A spray-on insect growth regulator (IGR) for the prevention of blowfly strike in sheep.  It is for the protection of:

  •     Sheep, either off-shears or with any length wool, against fly strike (Lucilia cuprina) for 18 to 24 weeks.

  •     Mulesing and marking wounds on sheep against fly strike (Lucilia Cuprina) during the wound healing  process.


  • CLiK® is a ready-to-use spray-on formulation.

  • CLiK is the first and only fly strike product to contain dicyclanil, an insect growth regulator that provides trusted protection that frees farmers from welfare and time worries associated with blowfly strike.

  • CLiK also has an advanced 'Rain-Lock' formulation which uses suspo-emulsion technology. This allows CLiK to bind tightly to the grease in wool fibres and resist washing out

  • CLiK provides season-long protection, which is up to double the length of other commonly used products.* CLiK is effective on all wool lengths and sheep breeds.

*Based on registered APVMA label claims.

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Dosage and administration

  • The dose rate of CLiK is determined by the surface area rather than the body weight of the animal to be treated. The dose volumes are therefore adjusted so that lambs receive 50-100mg/kg while sheep in excess of 50kg are treated at 35mg/kg.

    It is important to check the label to ensure the correct dose is administered.
  • The protection period following a CLiK application will be of 16 to 24 weeks according to local conditions.


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