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Coopers Assassin 5L

Highly effective organophosphate alternative to diazinon for effective sheep lice control. 
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Coopers Assassin Sheep Dip 5L

For the control of Temephos susceptible Body Lice (Bovicola ovis), including synthetic pyrethroid resistant strains. For use on wet or dry sheep (14-42 days after shearing) by plunge or shower dipping.


  • Highly effective organophosphate alternative to diazinon for effective sheep lice control

  • Provides rapid knockdown of lice soon after treatment

  • Can be used in a plunge or shower dip

  • Non-stripping dip which makes topping up simple without the need to reinforce the dip

  • Can be applied to wet or dry sheep

Dose Rate

Initial charge: 100 mL/100L of water. Topping up when dip/sump level falls by no more than 25% add 100 mL/100L of fresh water.

Dipping out when dip level intended to fall by more than 25% but not more than 50%, add 25ml Assassin each time dip level falls by 100L.

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  • Category: Ectoparasiticide

  • Species: Sheep

  • Active: 350g/L Temephos

  • Pack Size: 5L, 20L

  • Withholding Periods: Meat = 14 days, ESI = 42 days, Wool withhold = 6months before shearing or fibre collection, Wool Rehandling Period = once sheep are dry after treatment, Milk = Do not use where milk will be used for human consumption.

  • Storage: Store below 30 degrees

  • APVMA: 47568



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