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Extinosad Eliminator 1Lt

Prevents flystrike for four to six weeks and provides rapid knockdown control of lice and maggots on sheep with short and long wool.
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Extinosad Eliminator is a better way to clean up lice, blowflies and maggots in sheep. Its unique active ingredient kills lice, blowflies and maggots, even resistant strains, without harming livestock, workers or the environment.

Extinosad Eliminator is a sheep jetting, dipping, wound dressing product and is used for the control of lice in sheep with short and long wool.

It has the following indications: 

  • Control of lice in short wool (2-6 weeks after shearing) by plunge or shower dipping application

  • Control of lice in long wool (6 weeks to 12 months after shearing) by hand jetting application

  • Treatment of existing blowfly strike on sheep

  • Prevention of blowfly strike for 4-6 weeks with jetting application in long wool sheep

  • Protection from blowfly strike for a minimum of 8 days following treatment of mulesing or other wounds of sheep

Key features of Extinosad Eliminator include

  • Contains spinosad, a powerful active ingredient that provides rapid knockdown of lice1 and maggots

  • Unique mode of action, making it ideal for rotation programs

  • No known field resistance, kills IGR and SP resistant strains of lice1 and OP resistant strains of blowflies and maggots

  • Nil wool and meat withholding period and no export slaughter interval offering maximum marketing and management flexibility

  • Water based, odourless formulation that has a favourable safety profile which poses minimal risk to livestock, shearers, dip operators, farm workers and the environment

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Critical comments

  • When used on sheep with less than 6 weeks wool a reduced period of protection against blowfly strike may result.

  • A shorter protection period can be expected in lambs and coarse wool (meat breed) sheep.


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