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Home > Animal & Livestock Care > Vic Chem Bloat Drench 20ltr

Vic Chem Bloat Drench 20ltr

Vic Chem Bloat Drench 20ltr

Bloat is commonly caused in cows by the formation of a stable foam in the rumen which traps the gases produced during the fermentation process.

The accumulation of gases produces a distension of the rumen (bloat) which can lead to a decrease in pasture intake and consequently milk production.
If left untreated the cow may die from the effects of bloat.

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Very effective and reliable method for preventing bloat

BLOAT-DRENCH contains a speciality surfactant (Teric*) that prevents formation of the stable foam that causes bloat.

This product can also assist in breaking down foam that has already formed.

  • Bloat - Drench is a Ready - for - use product that is based on a Speciality Surfactant.

  • Very effective and reliable method for preventing bloat

  • Recommended for use as an oral drench but can also be used in bail feeding with molasses or in drinking troughs and drum rollers

  • Remains effective for about 12 hours, therefore dosing may be required twice-daily

See label for complete Directions for Use


  • Drench individual animals with 21mL of Bloat-Drench twice daily.

  • In high risk situations increase rate to 42mL twice daily

  • For drinking troughs, add 42mL of Bloat-Drench for every 15L of trough capacity

  • MSDS

  • Product Information Sheet

  • Product Label

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