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Zoetis Startect 5ltrs

Startect is an effective short-acting oral sheep drench that manages resistance better to optimise productivity.
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Zoetis Startect 5ltrs

Startect is an effective short-acting oral sheep drench that manages resistance better to optimise productivity.1-4,13
The first time a new class of drench has been released in combination to protect itself against resistance from its beginning.1
We call this built-in protection against resistance

  • Pro-Active Dual Drench Technology.

  • Deliberately and thoughtfully designed combination.1

  • Contains a completely new active, derquantel (10 mg/mL) that has no known resistance.

  • The first active from the entirely new SI (spiroindole) class with a completely different mode of action.1

  • Purposely combined with abamectin (1 mg/mL).

  • Designed for greater sustainability with each active protecting the other against resistance.9

  • When used routinely Startect also extends the useful life of older more fragile drenches.6,7

  • Export Slaughter Interval (ESI) of 28 days gives producers trading flexibility and speed to market.8

Derquantel has a totally different mode of action to all other existing drenches.12
  • Blocks the nerve signals to the worm's muscles paralysing the worms body, resulting in death. The worm is then passed out of the sheep.
  • Abamectin kills worms in a totally different way. It paralysis the worm's throat so it can't eat and the worm dies. It is then passed out of the sheep.
  • Startect combines derquantel with abamectin to effectively kill worms using two modes of action, giving you a new level of confidence now and in the future
startect follows best practice by releasing a new molecule in combination.
  • Kills worms that have built up resistance to drenches containing levamisole, benzimidazoles, macrocyclic lactones and closantel. 8
  • Also effective against multi-resistant strains of:
  • Barber's Pole Worm
  • (Haemonchus contortus): LEV, BZ, ML and CLOS
  • Brown Stomach Worm
  • (Teladorsagia circumcincta): LEV, BZ and ML
  • Black Scour Worm
  • (Trichostrongylus colubriformis): LEV, BZ and ML

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