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Silvan Selecta Farmeyes UAV System

Silvan Selecta Farmeyes UAV System

The Selecta FarmEyes UAV delivers a Remote observation system that uses GPS and other sensors to allow safe, stable flying, can hold position even when windy or return to home and land hands free all the while allowing you to safely observe areas you couldn't easily or safely access before.


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The Selecta Farmeyes delivers a stable, remote observation to safely observe areas and activity you couldn't easily or safely access before

A picture says a thousand words and a simple flyover of a new crop or pastures every week or two starts to draw a unique picture of how things are going and helps owners and managers make better informed decisions about irrigation, spraying and fertilizer usage.

In addition, monitoring of water troughs and pumps, irrigation and stock as well as assessment of flood or storm damage are all types of tasks that can be handled remotely

The use of UAVs is governed by CASA and users needed to familiarise themselves with the associated operating procedures but the great thing about users around agricultural land is you typically have a great deal of freedom away from other people and obstructions that a urban enthusiast would need to contend with.

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