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Home > Weed & Pest Control > Raidar Snake Defence MP Plus 2Pk.

Raidar Snake Defence MP Plus 2Pk.

Multi Pulse Operation Snake Repeller 2Pk
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Snake Defence MP Plus 2Pk - Protection for your home and garden. 

This MP Plus unit works to repel snakes from coming within a 15 meter radius of the MP Defence unit.  The snake defence unit is powered by a long-lasting battery charged by it's own solar panel.

A single unit has an effective radius of up to 15 meters and can protect an area of about 700 square meters. A number of units can be set up as a perimeter to enclose a much larger area - just make sure there is an overlap of about 5 meters.

The MP Defence is:

  • Effective against ALL Australian snake species

  • 100% safe - even for the snake. Use it with confidence around children, pets, birds and livestock.

  • No poison, No chemicals, Enironmentally safe.

  • Long lasting, easy to replace battery charged by it's own solar panel - so it protects you night and day.


 This GENUINE unit comes with the following features:

  • Glass solar panel that charges and protects battery 

  • UV Stabilised body that protects high quality electronics

  • External ON/OFF switch with waterproof rubber button

  • Easy access to external compartment to replace battery 

  • Robust aluminium ground stake - ribbed design adds extra strength 

  • Vibrating tip - pattern changes 3 times a week. 


How does it work?

  • The unit emits pulses through the bottom of the stake and into the ground. The snake then senses the pulses as possible danger and move away from the area..
  • The pulse pattern changes 3 times a week. Snakes cannot become accustomed to the pattern - they sense the difference pulses as new danger and stay away.



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  • To ensure constant protection, replace the battery every 12 months.

  • You can set up a permanent installation or you can take Snake Defence with you on picnics, camping or to a holiday house.


For sales and advice Call 1300 327 626

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