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Home > Weed & Pest Control > Selecta Redline SPOTPAK Sprayer 25Lt 12V Battery

Selecta Redline SPOTPAK Sprayer 25Lt 12V Battery

This 12V Rechargable Sprayer is ideal for weed control and spot spraying.
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Selecta Redline SPOTPAK Sprayer 25Lt 12V Battery

The latest addition to the Silvan Selecta Spotpak range is a Farm Co best seller.  The ideal unit for use on an ATV or similar mobile vehicle for spot spraying, fence line, row or general maintenance needs.

  • Designated as the Spotpak 12V Redline model; the sprayer has a 25 litre capacity UV stabilised Polytuff polypropylene tank and is a supplied as a self contained complete unit.

  • Fits neatly onto mower trailers and quad bike racks and ideal for weed control, spot & fenceline spraying.

  • Ideally suited to a small landholding or lifestyle block maintainence 

  • The pump is 12V self priming providing 2.5 litres per minute of open flow at a maximum of 50 PSI and includes Viton valves and a TPU diaphragm, which is ideal for spot spraying.

  • The unit is fitted with a six metre length of delivery hose and spot spray gun with a 550 mm stainless steel lance extension and adjustable nozzle which enables many spot spraying points to be reached without the need to leave the seat of an ATV or for instance to spray while in motion along fence lines, rows or tree plantations.

  • The tank has formed moulded grooves for tie-down straps, a 25mm drain bung and comes with a clipon and hold feature for the spray hose, lance and gun as well as moulded brass inserts in the tank's base for permanently attaching the unit to a flat tray if required.

  • The Redline unit is also supplied with a three metre battery lead pre-fitted with alligator clips.
  • A new style lid is provided with a lid retaining ring to prevent loss and includes a 650 ml capacity chemical measuring jug which tucks away securely under the lid of the tank.

Key Features of this product include: 

  • UV stabilised polyethylene tank with 1" drain plug for easy cleaning and emptying

  • 2.6L/min open flow, 50psi pump

  • 12V SLA battery 3.2Ahr 240V wall charger

  • 3m of battery cable with alligator clips

  • 6m of delivery hose

  • Spray gun with 550mm stainless steel lance and adjustable nozzle, clips easily to tank

  • Lid retaining ring to prevent accidental loss

  • Mounted pump On/Off switch and fuse

  • Bottom tank mount inserts (4x M6) for strapless mounting to trailer or skid

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  • Tank Size 55.00 litres

  • Pump Size 2.50 L/min Height/Width/Depth 360mm / 425mm / 715mm

  • Product Weight 6.00 KG


  • 10 February 20175.0 A great little unit, that fits superbly on the back of my ATV. Easy to use and good pressure maintained right throughout spraying.
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