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What is a Weed?

A weed is an invasive plant that grows in areas that it is not wanted. It can be any plant that inhabits and grows in an environment that it did not previously exist in. Weeds can spread rapidly as they produce a large amount of seeds; this makes them difficult to control. Weeds can overtake the growth of native plants and invade crop space. While some types of weeds can be eaten by livestock, others are considered poisonous and noxious or produce thorns and seeds that are not desired by livestock. They threaten natural ecosystems and are highly adaptive to many different environments. Weed survival and reproductive rates are extremely good which makes them a huge agricultural threat to farms across Australia.

The Importance of Weed Control

Weed control is imperative within Australian farming and agricultural communities. When weeds invade a farm they reduce the growth and production of crops as they take water and nutrients away from the crop. This results in poor quality produce. A farm's livestock can be contaminated when an animal consumes particular weeds. The overall effect of weeds on Australia's economy is significant. When farms have a weed problem their crops are threatened, livestock is at risk and the overall productivity of the farm is greatly impacted.

Controlling Your Weed Problem With a Weed Sprayer

To fight the weed epidemic it is recommended that you destroy the weeds as soon as they arise. A weed sprayer is your best form of protection against a weed problem. A weed sprayer uses herbicide to kill the weeds and prevent regrowth. The Farm Co has heavy duty weed sprayers that are ideal for farms and agricultural use. With a broad variety of models and sizes, we are sure you will find a weed sprayer that is ideal for you. If you need assistance with choosing a model or want more information regarding spray pressure, call 1300 327 626 and speak to an experienced professional.

For sales and advice Call 1300 327 626

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