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The Windmill

The windmill is a large mechanism that converts wind energy into rotational power. Although the materials have changed over the years, the basic design of the windmill has been kept as its efficiency needs little improving. The windmill's variety of uses go back hundreds of years. The first use of the windmill was to mill grain and pump water. Although some windmills still are used for these things, the modern use of windmills is for irrigation water pumping and electricity generating. There are many benefits of using a windmill in agriculture. The biggest benefit is that they do not cause harm to the environment and work solely from the wind. They are cost effective and have proved popular with rural communities or farms as electricity isn't always accessible or reliable. 

How does a Windmill work?

A traditional water pump windmill uses the wind to turn the blades of the windmill. The turning blades then power a pump that rises and falls. This up and down motion from the pump allows the piston to draw water from the ground.

Windmill Parts

At The Farm Co we are committed to providing the best quality windmill parts in Australia. Our windmill parts can be used for windmill powered irrigation systems and rotational energy windmills. An efficient windmill needs the correct windmill parts to run according to standard. Our staff are experts and have extensive knowledge regarding farming equipment and supplies. If you need assistance with selecting windmill parts, call us today on 1300 327 626.

For sales and advice Call 1300 327 626

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